The archive group AGM was held in the EI at 7pm on April 17th, 2019. Edgar Shepherd gave a talk about the Dallam buses. Officers were re-elected and the treasurer presented the accounts.

The chair, Sandy Felton, presented the following report:

Looking back over the last twelve months there can be no doubt that this has been a successful year for Arnside Archive. To say that we have achieved much would be an understatement.
 Given that we are still a relatively small group, the amount of work cataloguing, mounting exhibitions and assisting the public and local groups with queries has been outstanding.
 Our major exhibition, held in conjunction with the Sailing Club in June 2018, was a huge success seeing nearly 300 people through in the two days. Not only that, but the archive also assisted in the production of a video by the sailing club, documenting the arrival of Severn into Arnside. The video was shown at the exhibition and has been shown several times since eliciting a lot of interest.
 As part of this exhibition we also produced a Trail leaflet with map, on the back so that people could follow a route around the Village and see various points of interest associated with the exhibition including the former Crossfield Boat Sheds, the Old Customs House, the Coastguard Station etc.
 One of the highlights of the Maritime Exhibition was the number of Crossfield family members who travelled from far and wide (including across Oceans) to be with us.
 In November, we held an exhibition to commemorate the end of World War 1 again very well attended. We were joined for that exhibition by Alan Beaumont with his British Legion and WWI memorabilia, by Iori Hicks who brought an amazing collection of WW1 artefacts and by Bob Matthews who also brought his collection of post cards, artefacts and ephemera from the era representing the Western Front Association. Afternoon tea was served as part of the entrance fee and a fantastic spread it was. Following the exhibition, the boards were taken to St James’ Church and a display mounted for the Sunday Remembrance Service. On the following Monday all the children came into church from Arnside National School and visited the exhibition, showing a keen interest and asking lots of questions.
 Added to this, considerable work took place to design and create the information board, now situated on the promenade, detailing points of interest on the Bay and outlining some of the important historical information about the village.
 It has also been rewarding to see our connection with the local school blossoming. For the Maritime Exhibition every child made a ship or representation of the sea and these were strung around the hall to great effect. For the End of WW1 exhibition, again each child made a poppy to be displayed around the exhibition as well as a large poppy wreath. It is hoped that in the coming year we will be able to continue our close ties with the school and assist them in areas of the national curriculum where we can be of help.
 We have had a new logo designed and another big leap forward took place with the launch of our website which is a significant milestone in our development. Thanks have to go to individual people who have headed up these projects – you know who you are – and to those whose expertise in creating our exhibitions is invaluable. One of the strengths of our small group is that there are individuals who are able to take the lead in various aspects of the skills needed to run the archive and grow their expertise. There is always some aspect of the archive that you can be involved in depending on your talents and interests.
 We were able to purchase new display boards and exhibition materials thanks to grants and also for the grant to create and mount the promenade information board. We would like to thank the AONB, Lottery and Barnes Trust for their confidence in us, that we would use their grants sensibly and for the wider benefit of the community.
 We had a stand at the recent W.I. Community Open Day promoting our work and we also assisted the Sailing Club again last month when they held their Crossfield Conference.
 Each month we seem to receive a growing number of enquiries – these could be about houses, individuals, Arnside families, societies or businesses. This demonstrates the value of the archive for the local community and indeed our growing presence in the Village.
 Our biggest challenge continues to be the ongoing work of cataloguing our collection, there is still much to do. We have also received some valuable additions to the collection this year and we are grateful to donors for thinking about us. It is all too easy to dispose of material that is valuable without really realising it. We cannot accept everything that we are offered but we do try and accept any materials that are of benefit to the Archive and village as a whole.
 One of our members has given a talk to an external group about Crossfields and the Maritime Exhibition, and three members were involved showing the school children the WW1 exhibition.
 Considering the size of our group we have achieved much in the past twelve months which has undoubtedly been our most successful to date.
 Our summer exhibition will be held on 16th June and will be based around transport in Arnside – ‘Are we nearly there yet’ will look at methods of travel to and from and around Arnside from horses to buses, trains, bicycles and boats and even planes!
 The exhibition coincides with the anniversary of 100 years of Ribble Buses and it is proposed to have a vintage bus on the promenade as part of the celebrations. Our autumn exhibition will be based on local shops and businesses.
 One major project for the coming twelve months is the production of a new Arnside Trail leaflet highlighting points of interest in the village.
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