This exhibition took place in 2017 and raised a lot of local interest with residents bringing their questions about their houses, as well as details and documents such as deeds  to be copied for the archive.

We are interested in the social history of houses, who lived in them at different times, what residents' occupations were and the different uses to which the buildings have been put over the years. We are also interested in the builders who constructed them and Dorothy Maguire gave us a talk about the history of her family, Coles the builders. Click here to listen to her talk or here to see a transcript of it.  

This is an ongoing project since we have only documented some of the many houses in the village so far. We would especially welcome more information about more recent waves of housing estates post WW2. 

Get in touch with us if you have details about your house that you think would be of interest to the archive.


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Arnside Archive Group
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